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3D Printed Radio Control Transmitter Case

Making a 3D Printed BUBBLE BLOWER

2 and 3 Wheeled DRAGSTERS

Make a 3D printed Mack Truck or a Landcruiser based on the Belt Driven Car .

These were submitted by Mark Carlile, Head of Department - Technology, at Concordia Lutheran College, Queensland.
Mack R600 and Trailer
Toyota Landcruiser - Tech 2015
Design folio


Trinity's Belt Driven Car

The photos and information was shared by Foster Adem, Head of Faculty, Design and Technology, Trinity Grammar School, Kew, Victoria. 

Here is the information and additional photos.

Soccer ‘Bot Playing board

The information on the Playing board was shared by Matthew Sanders, of Lockyer District High School, Gatton, Qld.

This is the information on the Playing board

Video of Soccer Bots in Action

Intro Solar Car

Year 10 iSTEM teacher Dave Bonzo, of St Philip's Christian College - Newcastle Campus, has shared some samples of the work that his students created in 2015,  based on the Intro Solar car kit.

SOLAR VEHICLE MODIFICATION Engineering Project (Motion Module)

Dizzy in action

The Jouster explained

How to construct a Robobug

Build your own Solar Car

Building a simple model car

Making a CD clock