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2018 Newsletters

November 2018 - STEM: Primary

October 2018 - STEM: And wait there’s more…

September 2018 - STEM: Morse Code

August 2018 - STEAM: Windmill Generator

June 2018 - Gears

May 2018 - Structures, "Strandbeest"

April 2018 - Solar Solved

March 2018 - Electronics Solved

February 2018 - The Ultimate Project - Clock making

2017 Newsletters

December 2017 - Scorpio in 2017, Scorpio is moving, RODE Rage

November 2017 - Microcontroller, Picaxe and Coding

October 2017 School Electronics Clubs

September 2017 Design a Toy Project

August 2017 Belt Drives, Belt Driven Kit

July 2017 Make Solar Meaningful - Relating solar projects to the Real World

June 2017 Design Brief, Introducing Challenger (car) kit

May 2017 Infrared, Jouster, Pat's Microcontroller infrared add-on

April 2017  Encouraging Creativity

March 2017   Powered by Solar, Solar projects

February 2017  In the Beginning. . ., Australian Inventions & Innovations

2016 Newsletters

December 2016   As 2016 closes

November 2016   Microcontroller projects 2017

October 2016   STEM in Practice

September 2016   Sustainable Design

August 2016   Subsystems  

July 2016  Dream of Flight

July 2016  Captive plane - STEM unit

June 2016   Frugal Innovation& Single LED Torch

May 2016   Design & Creativity - Steampunk, Solar Challenge - Sheridan Kit Car

April 2016    Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs), LED Touch lamp, Using LEDs information sheet

March 2016  Transistors, Component Recognition and Troubleshooting and In-Circuit Transistor Tester

February 2016Full STEAM Ahead! DCT and AusVELS, Electronic Skills, Scorpio Constellation kit, new Scorpio Website

2015 Newsletters

December 2015    A review of 2015

November 2015    WOMBAT and Competition guidelines. The Jumping bug project.

October 2015      All you need is time – about clocks, and some interesting examples.

September 2015    What’s new – interesting new kits and Resources (books about clock and pen making)

August 2015     Topics covered: Marcel Leyat and the Helica – the concept behind the original “Propeller driven car”.

July 2015     Solar to go! Information about our solar kits. 2 pages of solar related facts and links

June 2015     The Need for speed – Dragster. The Calculation of Gear ratio / velocity. Different types of gears.

May 2015     Electronics and handy tips.

March 2015   The design of the Hovercraft. A project sheet.

February 2015     Technology =  Design + Innovation. New projects for 2015. Nature as an inspiration for design.

2014 Newsletters

December 2014     A review of 2014 and a look at what’s new for 2015

October 2014     AUSVELS and the Design Process

August 2014     An introduction to Solar energy. Making a Pizza box Solar oven.

July 2014     What does Technology mean in the context of our kits?

June 2014     Clocks in Upcycling